Pensions & Health Benefits

Pensions and Health Benefits

NJ Legislature moves closer toward constitutional amendment on pension funding

Both houses pass resolution on final day of session

Published on Monday, Jan.11 , 2016

The New Jersey State Legislature today took a first step to put a question on the November 2016 ballot that would constitutionally require the State to fulfill its pension obligation and make quarterly payments.

The NJ Senate was the first to pass SCR-184 along party lines with a vote of 23-16. Several hours later, the NJ Assembly passed ACR-3 with a vote of 43-27 with one abstention. Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto said that this is an important resolution that should be taken to the voters because the State of New Jersey has not kept their promises to public employees. Read more

School Employees’ Health Benefits Commission Approves Programs and Rates For Active and Retired Employees

In August, the School Employees’ Health Benefits Commission (SEHBC) and the School Employees’ Health Benefits Design Committee (SEHBDC) approved several changes to the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) from which many of our active and retired members receive their benefits. These changes will take effect January 1, 2016.  
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  • 2016 SEHBP Active Rates 
  • 2016 SEHBP Retiree Rates 
  • 2016 SEHBP Active Benefit Plans 
  • 2016 SEHBP Retiree Benefit Plans  
  • 2015 SEHBP Active Rates 
  • 2015 SEHBP Retiree Rates 
  • 2015 SEHBP Active Benefit Plans 
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