Retired teacher tells Christie: I AM the NJEA!

Published on Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am NJEAIn a letter to the Record of Bergen County, a retired teacher told Governor Christie to stop trying to drive a wedge between teachers and their unions.

Robert D. Meade of Fair Lawn, who retired in 1995 after a 37-year career teaching English at Dumont High School, took the governor to task for his remarks at the Republican National Convention in an Aug. 31 letter to the editor.

A member of the NJEA Retired Educators Association, Meade wrote:

“I have a news flash for Governor Christie.  Before retiring, I was a teacher for 37 years.  Before retiring, I was a member of the teachers union for 37 years.  During those years, I served in official capacities for many years.

“The teachers unions are the teachers.  We are the members, we make the rules of our union, we decide who leads us and how.  You cannot separate teachers unions from teachers, as Governor Christie tried to do in his keynote address at the Republican National Convention.  They are one and the same.”

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