Hundreds of Teachers, Secretaries Hold “Smart Walk" in Washington Township

Published on Friday, September 14, 2012

Washington Twp. EA Calling the event a "Smart Walk," more than 600 members of the Washington Township Education Association (WTEA) walked the sidewalks in front of Whitman Elementary school in Washington Township, Gloucester County alongside supportive parents, friends and family. Carrying signs that read “Time to Settle,” members called attention to the fact that the WTEA is beginning its third year without a contract and is currently waiting a report from a state-appointed fact finder.  

The walk was organized to celebrate the successes of the WTEA, which represents more than 800 teachers and secretaries, and to highlight the achievements of our students. As members walked outside, other members conducted the back to school night activities inside the school building.

"I was so impressed that the membership came out in such large numbers to show their pride in our schools and to inform the parents about our bargaining crisis," said WTEA President Camy Kobylinski, "This event was an effective way to communicate with the community while being positive and upbeat!"

Washington Twp. EA In addition to the walk and back to school night activities, the WTEA collected more than 390 cans of food that they will donate to Mother’s Cupboard, a charity that provides groceries for needy families in Washington Township.

“As we enter an unprecedented third year with an unsettled contract, we take great pride in the fact that the members of WTEA have continued to provide an excellent education to the students of Washington Township,” said WTEA President Camy Kobylinski. “This Pro-Education ‘Smart’ Walk will highlight the many accomplishments and achievements, while emphasizing our need for a fair settlement.  We know that parents support and appreciate us.  We’re asking the community to remind the Board of Education of their support.”

The walk was covered by Philadelphia-area television stations WPVI-TV 6 and NBC-10. For more coverage of the event, follow this link.

The walk is the first of many activities that the WTEA has planned in their ongoing effort to publicize the great things that are happening in Washington Township Public Schools.

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