NEA poll reveals support for Common Core; deep reservations about testing

Published on Thursday, October 17, 2013

Common Core The National Education Association (NEA) recently released the results of a survey of more than 1,200 NEA members. The purpose of the poll was to gauge awareness and opinions of the new Common Core State Standards and their support for its goals.

Survey results indicate that NEA members wholeheartedly embrace the Common Core standards’ promise – that all students will have an opportunity to learn the same skills they need to succeed, regardless of where they live.

But even as educators support the Common Core, they have deep reservations about the emphasis on testing. The polling confirmed what NEA and NJEA members have said for some time—the current testing focus takes too much time away from student learning.

Another concern that the survey revealed was the need for common sense implementation of the new standards that includes the time, tools and resources to get it right.

NEA members also expressed a need to focus on doing things in the right order, that is, aligning curriculum and students’ instruction before introducing high-stakes assessments. NEA members favor the existence of a grace period on the accountability provisions of the Common Core standards in order to give schools more flexibility to implement the standards successfully.

Visit for more information on the poll and to find NEA’s resources for common sense implementation of the Common Core.

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