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Trenton High School

Mold spores growing on walls and window sills...ceiling tiles falling on students...crumbling walls...rain pouring through ceilings...buckled floors...and urine leaking into classrooms from compromised plumbing...Welcome to Trenton Central High School. Sen. Barbara Buono will join members of the Trenton Education Association, administrators, parents, and community members to draw attention to the deplorable conditions at what was once a grand building with architectural columns, wood floors, and Lenox chandeliers.

Home for the Brave

Active, retired and student members of NJEA and association staff spent Sept.18 in Camden working with homeless military veterans at the Volunteers of America Delaware Valley Home for the Brave/Aletha R. Wright Center. It was all part of NJEA Volunteer Day held to commemorate the new public-private partnership between Volunteers of America Delaware Valley and NJEA.


The 7th grade students at Christa McAuliffe School, PS #28, in Jersey City are participating in Project Reservoir, a program that partners them with the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance to help revitalize, redesign, and transform a defunct and semi-abandoned reservoir. Nature has slowly reclaimed the area and it is now an area teeming with fish, wildlife, and plants. The school has joined forces with the Alliance to help transform it into a recreational and educational nature preserve and to promote awareness of it to the community.


Rewind: Surgeon Story – Five years after they were featured on Classroom Close-up, NJ, we revisit Albert Siedlecki, an eighth grade science teacher at Medford Memorial Middle School, and Dr. Lee Buono, a neurosurgeon and Mr. Siedlecki’s former student, to discuss how the episode led to them being featured on National Public Radio’s StoryCorps project and honored by the White House.

Wax Museum

More than 60 students from Washington Elementary School in Hawthorne participated in a Wax Museum project designed to reinforce performance, reading, and project skills. Each student chose a famous person to research from a list that included presidents, scientists, athletes, entertainers, and more. Students then created posters, maps, and poems about the historical figures. On the day of the wax museum, each student pretended to be wax status of the person they had chosen and visitors could push a button in order to hear a memorized presentation.

Sing for change

Students at Blackwood’s Loring Flemming Elementary School are using their voices to educate people about bullying, respect, and self-esteem. More than 100 students participate in a concert in which they sing songs such as Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” and a kid-friendly version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Music teacher Erica Guillama was motivated to incorporate character education and bullying awareness into her music classes after learning that children as young as 11 years old were taking their own lives as a result of bullying.


More than seven months after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Monmouth Beach community, closed their elementary school building, and forced them to relocate, students, teachers, and staff returned to their restored school building for the final days of an extraordinary school year.