Associate Director of Research - Education Research & Issues Analysis

NJEA announces a vacancy for an Associate Director of Research - Education Research & Issues Analysis. 


The principal task of the Associate Director for Education Research and Issues Analysis will be to monitor developments in educational research and related fields, analyze those developments, and prepare explanatory reports for use by leaders and staff in pursuing association objectives.

The Associate Director will act as a clearinghouse for general research information. In this capacity, the Associate Director will also be responsible for the Research archives and reference collection as well as maintenance of the Research library.


  1. Access, review, and analyze research studies in education and related fields and produce analytical reports and summaries that document and explain the combined results of these studies and their correlation to NJEA policies. These reports and summaries will be presented in such a style and format that the results are useful to association leaders and staff in their endeavor to supporting or opposing public policy initiatives.
  2. Monitor reports of research studies in education and related fields and prepare synopses of such research for distribution to leaders, staff, and members (where appropriate) on a regular and ongoing basis.
  3. Monitor educational issues in other states and evaluate if/how they affect New Jersey, as well as how educational issues in New Jersey affect other states.
  4. Maintain and enhance the division’s collection of reference materials and respond to inquiries from leaders, staff, members, and appropriate others relative to those materials.
  5. Conduct information searches as well as provide direction to leaders, staff, and members who seek to conduct their own searches of association and outside databases and other information sources.
  6. Respond to questions from and provide direction to leaders, staff, and members concerning general educational and research related information including NJEA statistical publications.
  7. Update and maintain a searchable archive of policy decisions by NJEA governance bodies and answer questions from leaders and staff relative thereto.
  8. Update and maintain a searchable index of articles, authors, and topics in NJEA member publications.
  9. Maintain research library including association publications, DA reports, and other broad organizational reports.  
  10. Maintain subscriptions to periodical publications on a current basis. Make recommendations concerning purchase of new subscriptions or cancellations.
  11. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director or the Director of Research and Economic Services.


The Associate Director must have training and experience related to analysis of statistical research in the field of education or related areas. A graduate degree in education research, statistics, or mathematics with research emphasis is preferable but other documented research experience would be considered. Experience as a public school employee or other related experience is desirable but not required.

The ability to create databases is a desirable skill. The position requires sufficient computer skills to search a wide variety of databases. The person must also be able to review literature and write appropriately referenced research reports that synthesize and evaluate findings in the context of NJEA policy. Good computer and academic research skills are necessary.

The ability and willingness to interact positively with a large number and variety of individuals with differing needs and a desire to disseminate information to constituents are very critical to succeed in this position. Strong writing and speaking skills are required

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume via e-mail no later than November 22, 2016 to:

Kevin Kelleher
Director, Research and Economic Services

An application will be forwarded for completion based on a review of the submitted resume.

Completed applications must be returned by December 9, 2016.  

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.