Associate Director - Professional Development & Instructional Issues Division

NJEA announces a temporary vacancy for an associate director in the Professional Development & Instructional Issues Division.


Individuals holding this position report directly to the Director of the Professional Development and Instructional Issues Division. The purpose of this position is develop, plan and implement a variety of activities that will provide members with the knowledge and skills they need to continuously enhance the quality of their practice and meet the requirements of their work in the public schools of New Jersey.


  1. Conduct research on various educational issues and effective professional practice upon request.  Analyze, compare, and prepare reports on such research, as necessary.
  2. Provide research-based analyses to guide decisions regarding educational issues such as curriculum, school structures and instructional practices.
  3. Provide members with access to current data on a wide variety of resources that will enhance their practice.
  4. Respond to requests from members, affiliates, and allied organizations for information on effective practice in the area of professional development.
  5. Develop materials and facilitate professional learning activities that will assist members and affiliates in successfully implementing professional development plans grounded in standards-based methods of highly effective professional learning.
  6. Assist staff from other divisions, taskforces, and committees with facts, figures, and reports that support their positions, programs, projects, and legislation.
  7. Assist the Director with coordination of PDII Consultant assignments and training program.
  8. Participate with other division staff in the planning and implementation of the annual NJEA Convention.
  9. Support the programs and projects of the Professional Development Institute.
  10. Work with allied organizations in the development of new PD resources for members.
  11. Develop value-added, information/instructional resources that can be accessed by members.
  12. Assist with the work of committees supported by the division.
  13. Assist with the planning and implementation of major educational conferences conducted by the division.
  14. Provide staff assistance to governance task forces and external partnership groups as requested.
  15. Prepare documents/reports on research-based PD practices.
  16. In consultation with NJEA UniServ division staff, advise members of their rights and responsibilities under the state professional development and evaluation regulations.
  17. Perform a primary assignment to include one or more of the following:
    • Monitor education research and policy development, including activities of the Department of Education and State Board of Education, and relevant partner organizations with interests and activities that impact NJEA and its members.
    • Coordinate the NJEA Priority Schools program to support and facilitate interventions in schools challenged by factors that have an impact on their ability to function at high levels of student achievement.
    • Develop and work with the Communications Division to implement methods for utilizing NJEA's website as the delivery system for curriculum and instructional resources that support members' professional development needs.
    • Facilitate the development of professional learning programs in all content/curricular areas, including Special Education, effective instructional practice, curriculum development, and student services.
    • Facilitate the development of collaborative professional learning structures in schools and districts to promote school improvement and growth in student learning.
    • Coordinate support to NJEA staff and leaders in the implementation and administration of certification and evaluation issues. Collaborate with NJEA UniServ staff and Legal Services on issues related to school employee tenure.
    • Coordinate assistance to members of state, district, and school boards, committees and other governance structures to support effective professional development and mentoring practices.
    • Perform a major leadership role in the planning and implementation of the program content for NJEA Convention.
    • Design, develop and maintain an Information Technology system capable of supporting NJEA's needs for research and analysis of the following areas of education: curriculum, instruction, teaching practice, professional development, research, innovation, standards, testing and assessment, school structures/organization and others.
  18. Perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the NJEA Executive Director or the PDII Division Director.


  1. Bachelor’s degree required.
  2. Employment experience in a public school, college and/or educational services organization.
  3. Three to five years of experience working directly with teachers to plan and implement research-based professional development programs and experiences.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in:
      • coordination, planning and implementation of research projects, literature searches, comparative analyses, and reports
      • curriculum and instructional practice
  5. Experience which demonstrates an ability to make calm, reasoned, effective decisions in stressful situations.
  6. Experience which demonstrates an ability to coordinate people, plan and implement large scale complicated projects.
  7. Knowledge of laws and regulations governing public education with a special emphasis on those governing the rights and responsibilities of teachers in the area of professional development.
  8. Knowledge of the New Jersey Standards for Teachers, Professional Development Standards for Educators, and the research upon which the standards are based.
  9. Ability to write and speak effectively and persuasively.
  10. Ability to work cooperatively with others in team situations.
  11. High degree of computer literacy.
  12. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  13. Ability to work long hours over extended periods in stressful situations.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Special Education and Certification Regulations

In addition to the essential functions outlined in the Job Description for Associate Director, the individual in this position will –

  1. Conduct activities consistent with NJEA policy concerning curriculum, assessment, instructional practice and professional learning in Special Education.
  2. Work closely with the NJEA officers, executive director, director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues, and appropriate governance committees to support all activities related to Special Education.  
  3. Review and research the manner in which programs and structures developed by NEA and other state affiliates supporting best practices in curriculum, assessment, instructional practice, and professional development in Special Education that will help NJEA members and leaders to improve Special Education.
  4. Working with the director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues coordinate the training, assignment, and activities of NJEA part-time consultants deployed to facilitate professional learning sessions focused on Special Education.
  5. Coordinate a collaborative relationship with identified external partners to support NJEA’s goals and objectives related to Special Education in consultation with the director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues.
  6. Establish collaborative and productive relationships with appropriate staff at the New Jersey Department of Education to promote NJEA’s interests in the areas of Special Education and professional certification issues.
  7. Provide the Executive Director and Director of Professional Development and Instructional Issues with reports and updates as necessary and requested.
  8. Coordinate communication to staff, affiliate leaders, and members regarding Special Education and professional Certification regulations and requirements.
  9. Serve as staff contact to the NJEA Exceptional Children Committee and as a secondary contact to the Certification, Evaluation, and Tenure Committee.


Send letter of interest and resume to Michael Cohan by May 15. Email requests preferred.

Michael Cohan
Director, Professional Development and Instructional Issues
New Jersey Education Association
180 West State Street
PO Box 1211
Trenton, New Jersey 08607-1211

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.