Associate Director - Research & Economic Services

NJEA announces an opening for an associate director in the Research and Economic Services Division.


  1. Analyze school budgets, and audit reports on file with New Jersey Department of Education, the New Jersey state budget and the Commissioner’s Annual Report of Financial Statistics.
  2. Serve as fiscal consultant to UniServ staff and local associations in mediation, fact-finding, and arbitration cases.
  3. Analyze provisions in employee organization -- school board negotiated agreements.
  4. Plan and supervise production of research bulletins and circulars in the area of contract provisions, negotiation procedures, and economic status of the teaching profession.
  5. Investigate local school district financial conditions.
  6. Analyze legislation related to areas of responsibility.
  7. Conduct of opinion polls and status studies.
  8. Conduct special projects from time to time as dictated by the needs of the Association.
  9. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.


The successful candidate should possess a high degree of intelligence and imagination, should have a sound background in school finance, statistics and research methods; should have demonstrated ability to design, conduct and report research in education; should have the ability to write and translate research findings into clear, concise and meaningful concepts.

Candidate should be familiar with the operation of public schools especially in the area of personnel policies and finance.  He/she should have an understanding of the goals and activities of professional education associations.

A master’s or doctor’s degree is highly desirable or, in lieu thereof, at least 6 years of varied experiences with this or similar organizations performing duties covered by this job description.  After a period of on-the-job training, the associate director should be highly creative, adaptable and ready to determine and plan studies that meet the research needs of the Association.

Experience in working with other professional, technical and clerical staff is desirable; ability to do so effectively is essential.

Apply in writing to:
ATTN: Rich Gray, Director
Division of Research and Economic Services

NJEA is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.