Sack it to Me Math, Phase II

Last year's Sack It to Me Math project, funded by the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, was so successful that teachers Veronica Beers and Catherine B. Dent of Nixon School in the Roxbury School District (Morris County) applied to the Hipp Foundation for a Continuation Grant and this year received $3,500 to continue their program.

"Math Sacks" are the foundation for this project designed to establish a positive connection between home and school; enrich and expand the basic math curriculum through hands-on activities and literature; and develop an awareness of technology.

The parent connection begins with a parent/teacher "Make the Sacks Night" to assemble and decorate the sacks.

Children will carry home their math sacks for one week. Each sack, centered on a specific objective, will include a letter to the family with directions for the activities, two related literature selections (one for the parent to read to the child and an emergent reader selection for the child), manipulative activities, an evaluation activity, a response journal page for parents, and a list of sack contents.

Parents from each class will monitor the sacks by checking them in and out, refilling the supplies in each sack, and collecting evaluations and parent responses for the teachers. An evaluation of the program's success will be made through parent response journals, completed activities from the children, teacher observation, and student portfolio assessment.

Kindergarten students in the sister schools will communicate through e-mail to maintain interest, share accomplishments, and invite each other to the culminating experience, a "Celebration of Math," where parents, students, and teachers will meet and share what they have learned.

For more information about this project, contact:

Veronica Beers
(973) 927-3748