Exploring our World through Science Sharing

Making learning relevant to students? lives helps make education more meaningful. Inspiring parents to become active partners in the learning process gives children an added incentive to do well in school.

Teachers Laura Perrius and Kathleen McArdle of the Forest Avenue School in Glen Ridge (Essex County) are accomplishing both goals with the help of a $5,000 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Exploring Our World Through Science Sharing provides a day for students, teachers, and parents to actively explore science concepts through hands-on kits for their grade level. All classrooms will be utilized with learning stations for each kit. To enhance and extend each class experience, students will explore collections of a variety of natural artifacts and view related literature and computer programs. The grade level kits are as follows:

    Pre-K: Water
    Kindergarten: Balance and Motion
    First Grade: Balancing and Weighing
    Second Grade: Sound

At the close of explorations, students will be given the challenge of collecting and/or exploring an area of interest that they have discovered. To assist the students with this challenge, a weekly ?Science Club? will provide informal opportunities to further explore the purchased materials, to review science logs, to answer questions, and facilitate ongoing experimentation. A monthly science newsletter will be published, with parent assistance, sharing and highlighting students? scientific explorations and activities.

During the interim between the two all school science days, students, teachers, and parents will be invited to explore the Life Sciences by participating in a series of enrichment programs, including speakers and live animal presentations.

On the final March science share day, the students will present their topics of interest, sharing with their peers their collections and/or the results of their exploration.

For more information about this project, contact:

Laura Perrius
(973) 773-2752