P.I.E. - Partners in Education

Building a Bridge Between Home and School, a project created by Kenilworth Education Association (Union County) members Angela Marinaro and Deborah Brunette is the continuation of a NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education grant these innovative educators received last year (Partners in Education - P.I.E.).

This $6,400 continuation grant allows teachers to continue serving parents, educators, and students and to build upon this already successful program. P.I.E. encourages interaction among all participants, forms links between home and school, and welcomes parents into the school setting.

A series of parent workshops, family nights, guest speakers, newsletters, a lending library, home-school projects, take-home bags for students, and a web site work in harmony to create a strong connection.

P.I.E. involves parents through school activities and strategies for use at home and builds strong partnerships between school and community.

For further information, contact:

Angela Marinaro
(973) 667-8461