Project W.E.B.B.

WeekEnd Book Buddies

Educators, parents, and even politicians agree that a strong foundation in reading and literature is vital to a child's success in school and beyond. Washington Township Education Association (Morris County) members Caryl Eissing and Susan Ort believe that instilling an appreciation of literature should begin in the 1st grade and requires a strong home-school relationship.

Supported through a $2,480 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, their project is designed to promote young reader involvement with, and an appreciation of literature through storybook characters. In addition, these educators plan to strengthen the home-school relationship through experiences that involve all family members.

Based on the tried and true "backpack approach," students will take storybook characters home with them over the weekend. They will listen to stories on the audiotapes provided, take the characters with them wherever they go, take photos with the disposable camera that is provided, and make entries into their personal journals.

Class time will be devoted to sharing journal entries and activities with classmates.

During this project, each child will get to know at least twenty storybook characters and at least eighty-five percent of the students will demonstrate an increase of at least one stanine level in writing skills.

For further information, contact:

Caryl Eissing
(908) 852-6103