Highlands Initiative Preservation Program

Teachers know that lessons which cross disciplines are the best way to teach students the interconnectedness of our world. At Waldwick High School (Bergen County), more than 150 students will experience the relationship between the political process and the environment in a program called Highlands Initiative Preservation Program (HIPP). Through a $6,230 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, students will raise community awareness regarding the value of Highlands protection as they become informed citizens engaged in a debate about open space and natural resource protection.

In the Highlands Initiative Preservation Program (HIPP), students in U.S. History I, economics, issues and analysis, entrepreneurship, and information management classes, as well as students in the photography, poetry, and pollution action awareness clubs, will plan, produce, and market New Jersey Highlands calendars, note cards, and postcards that will include original photographs and poems. The products will include ecological, historic, and political information regarding Highlands protection and preservation. Students will also produce a multimedia presentation to raise community awareness regarding Highlands protection. Teachers Evans Lazzaro, Janet Sobkowicz, Theodore R. Opderbeck, and James Wilson will ensure that the program involves several areas of the curricula: the rich history of the New Jersey Highlands; the political battle over protecting sensitive areas; the local and state-wide economic importance of the Highlands; Highlands ecology; and the natural beauty of the Highlands.

For further information, contact:

Theodore R. Opderbeck
(973) 636-0689