A Patchwork of Polygons, Patterns, and Prose

A strong math foundation is best developed through activities encouraging discovery, problem solving, and mathematical communication. The application of knowledge via powerfully rich, real-life vehicles will allow 30 first grade students at Old Farmers Road Elementary School in Washington Township (Morris County) to integrate mathematics with literature and technology. Thanks to teachers Caryl Eissing and Heather Lance, and a $2,315 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, students will develop a sense of community that can initiate lifelong habits of personal contribution.

Centered on the theme of quilts, A Patchwork of Polygons, Patterns, and Prose integrates mathematics with literacy, technology, social studies and art, while strengthening the school-community relationship through a variety of activities.

Throughout this project, quilts – their lore, cultural significance, and construction – are presented through literature, guest speakers, examples of quilts, and technology. Students become familiar with mathematical concepts of polygons, patterns, and measurement.

Family and community members assist and guide students in the planning, design, and creation of individual smaller projects and one larger class quilt project. Finally, a "quilt show" will showcase all quilt projects and scrapbook journals, while also recognizing family and community members who participate. The larger class quilt will be shared with the community through public display.

This project was awarded the Dolores T. Corona Grant for Mathematics. Corona, a math teacher for 14 years in Union Township (Union County), was a member of theNJEA Government Relations Division staff for 30 years, and served as division Director from Feb. 1985 until her retirement in Feb. 2002.

For further information, contact:

Caryl Eissing
(908) 852-6103