Student Art and Sculpture Garden

Beautiful places are inspiring. At Haddon Township High School (Camden County), three teachers and 415 students hope to create their own beautiful place in what is presently an overgrown courtyard. Through a $9,460 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, Karen Kiick, Ellen Hargrove, Claire Driscoll, and Robert Cortese will oversee the creation of a Student Art and Sculpture Garden that will be dedicated to the memory of the school’s head grounds keeper who lost his battle with cancer last year.

Students in art, environmental science, and agricultural biology classes, as well as members of the environmental science and art clubs, will work on all aspects of the project. In order to prepare students to start thinking about possibilities for the garden, their experiences will include trips to see various public gardens, sculpture parks and murals; and presentations to all students by a local landscape artist on the planning, planting, and care of a perennial garden and on how to build a low retaining wall.

The students' new knowledge will enable them to care for the Student Art and Sculpture Garden. More importantly, the experience will ultimately transform how they perceive and consider public (and private) spaces. In addition to the completed Garden, the following products and materials will also be developed:

  • An annual community plant sale and garden tour (with proceeds used to continue the project)

  • Space for an annual art show and sale featuring a hands-on workshop for community members to make a tile to be used in the ongoing outdoor mosaics and a slide show of student participation in the project

  • A PowerPoint presentation that outlines the history of the project and the collaboration with local mosaic artist.

For further information, contact:

Karen Kiick
(856) 869-2031