K.I.D.S, Inc:

Kids' Inter-Disciplinary Study

Thanks to a $3,378 continuation grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, K.I.D.S. Incorporated will once again provide an interdisciplinary approach coordinating the efforts of the foods class with those of the technology, consumer economics, sewing, and music classes. At Randolph Middle School (Morris County), teachers Karen GaNung, Maryella Carlucci, Joan Czapka, John Rittweger, Robert Garay, Helaine Jeanette, and Fred Iradi will run the six-week program for students to take part in a student-run company where they work together to produce and market a snack food product.

Student teams (Snack Shop) of four to five students begin with a market survey to choose a snack food. Tech Productions (technology class) is consulted to develop a logo and package, as well as develop a product-recognition plan. Students consult the Consumer Ec. Ad Agency (consumer economics class) who, in addition to creating posters, subcontracts the task of writing and performing a jingle to the Music Makers (music class). Pennants Unlimited (sewing class) creates a pennant for the company.

On Company Day the Snack Shop is open for business. Customers (students) present a token to redeem their snack food item. At the conclusion of the project, students count their money, write checks to pay their debts, calculate profits, review exit surveys, and complete group and individual evaluations.

This project gives students an introduction to owning and operating a business, provides a school-to-work experience; enhances skills in cooperation, compromise, decision-making, and problem solving.

For further information contact:

Karen GaNung
(973) 903-0422