Leaping into Literacy

The Academy Project at Lincoln Annex in the New Brunswick School District (Middlesex County) will include this continuation project in the curriculum for first and second grade classes, and one special education class of K-3 elementary students. Thanks to a $9,990 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, teachers Margaret Youssef, Sofia Palfey, Yvonne Mejia, Marilody Zafar, Gina Goble, Michele Porcello, and Louise Gasper will continue the activities for adult family member involvement sessions promoting literacy and construction of individual books.

It is hoped that each child's family will augment the family library that is started with donations from this grant. Each family will receive a small bookcase for special placement in the household for books and reading. An adult family member will be asked to keep a journal of the family trips to the library. If books are purchased or acquired in other ways, they should be included in the journal, as well. In this way the adults will be motivated to take an ongoing active role in the project. Attendance at school book fairs will be encouraged.

Each child will have the opportunity to complete a book that will be bound professionally. By giving each child this opportunity, it is hoped that the link between reading and writing will become more evident. The completion of this task will also enhance the self-esteem of the individual child.

For further information contact:

Margaret Youssef
(732) 863-1790