Project E.G.G:

Everything Grows through Growing

Project EGG: Everything Grows Through Growing has been designed by Old Farmers Road School teachers Susan Ort and Denise Scairpon through a $2,885 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education. The project will expand learning beyond the classroom and into a working farm environment. Children will engage in activities that bring to life how language, math, and science are used on a farm. Local farmers will visit classrooms a few times a year and correspond with children. The farmers will pose work-related problems and the children will help brainstorm solutions. The children will have the opportunity to test their ideas on visits to the farm.

The first-grade students will share stories about plants and animals with their pre-school buddies. Students will journal their responses and questions from the stories, as well as their visits to the farm. Students will develop mathematical and life science skills by monitoring the growth of farm animals. They will examine and compare a variety of living things including seeds, eggs, flowers, and even a worm farm.

This program strives to develop the children’s sense of community with their peers and nature. Project EGG actively engages children in their community and in the environment.

For further information contact:

Susan Ort
(908) 876-3974