Space Through Astronomy-Related Studies

The STARS project seeks to expand sixth graders' knowledge of astronomy through a series of cross-curricular activities. Great Meadows Middle School (Warren County) teachers Kimbra G. Miller, Anita Holochwost, Tracy Hornyak, Jacquie Lunden, and John Skodocek have received a $2,559 grant from NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education to develop the STARS project. Students will learn about Greek and Roman mythology in social studies classes. In language arts and technology, they will read some of the myths and publish their own original myths through desktop publishing.

In math and science, students will learn about the Hertz-Sprung Russell Diagram/Graph which shows the relationship between the temperature and the size of a star and its luminosity. Students will create their own constellations based on their myths. Using conversion factors, proportions, and scales, they will create scale models of the solar system to present planetary placement. Students will also do a formal research report on a planet. Through Star Lab, students will be introduced to the concepts of the horizon, northstar, prominent constellations, and star clusters. Students will enjoy a culminating trip to the planetarium.

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Kimbra G. Miller
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