Vocabulary Learning Through Electronic Dictionaries for the Hearing-Impaired

Deaf and hearing-impaired students lag behind their hearing peers in vocabulary knowledge and reading ability by two or more grade levels on average. These vocabulary gaps, which are unique to each individual, impinge on the student's complete comprehension of facts and concepts in the school curriculum and cannot be addressed through standard vocabulary methods. Thanks to a $2,750 grant from NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, this project will provide each hearing-impaired or deaf student enrolled in grades seven through 12 at S.H.I.P. – Midland Park High School (Bergen County) with an appropriate model of the Franklin Electronic Dictionary. Use of an electronic dictionary by students to independently attack their vocabulary insufficiencies will improve their reading, vocabulary and concept comprehension.

Teachers Cheryl Wardrop, Susan McCullagh, and Ronnie Eisen will incorporate the use of the dictionaries in regular class and class support services. Students will also be encouraged to use the dictionaries at home under adult supervision.

The children’s standardized tests scores in vocabulary and reading will be closely monitored to check the progress of the project.

For further information contact:

Cheryl M. Wardrop
(201) 652-3068