Environments for Purposeful Learning

Thanks to a $1,700 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, Roosevelt Public School (Monmouth County) teachers Ilene J. Levine, Scot Gershman, and Barbara Atwood will implement their project, Environments for Purposeful Learning.  

After conducting research, students will create terrariums that include natural elements such as soil, rocks, and plants.  After a few weeks, students will add animals, creating “vivariums” (terrariums with pets) and replicate natural conditions to keep their pets alive and healthy.  Students will draw and paint pictures of their vivariums.  The students will take several field trips to learn about specific environments by visiting a pet shop and nursery, a zoo, and New Jersey habitats.  Experts and members of the community will visit the classrooms to provide additional information, and one group will conduct a bog laboratory exercise.

Students will create presentations describing environments in nature and their vivariums incorporating art, language arts, and technology.  At the end of the project, students will take their vivariums home.

Students will also study space, space travel, and astronomy. Using what they have learned about the needs of living organisms, students will construct an environment that will take into account the needs of human beings in an environment not readily conducive to life.  Students will study planets of our solar system with a focus on the planets’ environments.

For further information, contact :

Ilene J. Levine

(609) 921-0237