Future College All-Stars

Future College All-Stars is an expansion of an existing program at the Harrison Elementary School (Union County) that encourages elementary school students to start thinking about college.  Educators Carolyn Curti, Tiffany Sofranko, and Barbara Tedesco will implement the project.

This project was awarded a NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education and Verizon Family Literacy Partnership grant in the amount of $5,700.  Verizon grants support family literacy programs where public school educators partner with libraries or other community organizations.

At the beginning of the school year teachers will assess what students know about college. The first Friday of every month is known as College Friday.  Teachers will adopt a college or university and dress in college gear and decorate their classrooms with the college materials and colors.  Each morning, two college-themed vocabulary words and definitions are announced and posted throughout the building and are incorporated into the day’s lessons. 

Mentors will visit each third grade to discuss goal setting in respect to the students’ career goals, after which students will write a letter about what they will be doing in 25 years.  Students’ service components will be reviewed by the classroom teacher upon completion.

The culminating activity is a trip to the campus of the partner university for a daylong visit dubbed “Early College Awareness,” after which students will compile a Power Point presentation and a scrapbook.

For further information, contact :

Carolyn Curti

(732) 574-1912