Geometric Butterfly Garden

Through a $7,235 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, teachers Michelle Villar and Liza Santiago of Vineland High School South (Cumberland County) will implement their project Geometric Butterfly Garden.  This will be a long-term team project to plan and implement a garden with students, parents, and the general community. 

Geometry and art teachers will develop lessons on planning a garden that incorporates geometric design and uses plants that will specifically attract butterflies and birds. Students will create a drawing plan that will be used to determine the final layout of the garden.  Students will plant and maintain the garden, and conduct research on plant growth.  Physically disabled students will be able to participate throughout the project because the garden will include a wheelchair-accessible path and a raised bed garden.

An agricultural professor from the Cumberland County College, along with other county agricultural organizations, will evaluate the garden design at several key times and report on strengths and weaknesses.  Community gardeners will also provide experience that will be passed on to the students.  Once the garden is planted, a mentoring program between high school students and middle and elementary students will begin.

Community groups will sign up to maintain the garden during the summer through the “Adopt-A-Garden” program.  Students will coordinate several fundraising events to maintain the garden.

For further information, contact :

Michelle Villar

(856) 794 - 6700