Project EGG: Everything Grows through Growing/From Seeds to Salad Bar

Through a $8,240 continuation grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, Old Farmers Road School (Morris County) teachers Susan Ort, Caryl Eissing, Denise Scairpon, and BettyJo Wydner will engage children in activities that bring to life the connection between language, math, science, and health. Project EGG: Everything Grows Through Growing/From Seeds to Salad Bar will expand and embellish all the activities completed in the previous year which included raising a miniature donkey named Georgy. This project will include more students and focus on plants and their importance to healthy living.

Children will visit local farms, as well as a local fruit and vegetable stand to view the variety of local, farm-grown produce to bring an appreciation of food and where it comes from.

The students will grow plants using greenhouses which will allow for more plants and a longer growing season. Students will have many tasting and comparison activities throughout the project to overcome their fears of sampling new foods. Children will also compare the taste of fresh vegetables with canned and/or frozen.

The culminating activities include the creation of a harvest festival in the schools. After students harvest the fruits and vegetables, they will prepare nutritious foods for a salad bar to be shared with all first-grade students and preschoolers during lunch. In addition, harvested vegetables will be donated to a local senior citizen center to be used in a vegetable soup. Seniors and the participating students will meet to share and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

For further information, contact :

Susan Ort

(908) 876-3974