Time Detectives: Making History Come Alive

Students at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Edison (Middlesex County) will carry on work at a simulated archeological dig site through Time Detectives: Making History Come Alive, with teachers Carolyn Pagel, Joan Agneta, Cathy Kurdyla, and James Rosenbauer.  This project was awarded a $5,656 continuation grant by the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education.  

The dig will continue to be the focal point of the activity and will be preceded by a series of lessons on archeology including researching and surveying a site selection Carolyn Pagel, Cathy Kurdyla, and James Rosenbauer of the Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Edison (Middlesex County). Students will grid the site by measuring and mapping. They will then work in teams to excavate, clean, and record their finds. They will also photograph, catalog, and study the artifacts.

With the increased role of the professional archaeologist and his staff, the students will observe excavation of a local historical site where they will serve as archaeological assistants.  Students will also visit either another local site or the archaeological laboratory.  This expanded activity will afford students with a truly memorable experience that will enhance their interest in the study of social studies and the world around them.

As part of the cooperative evaluation, students will incorporate technology instruction to design an archaeological product, work in groups to create a simulated DIG magazine, complete a cumulative project from a list of selections, and finally, after each field trip, students will submit a journal of their feelings and findings.

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Carolyn Pagel

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