What’s Blooming? An Indoor Classroom Gardening Experience

Euclid Elementary School teachers Patricia McSweeney and Gayle Dubofsky were awarded a $5,220 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education to implement their project What’s Blooming? An Indoor Gardening Experience.  This project will reinforce the school’s theme, “Growing Together” which is used to promote educational experiences within the school. 

Second graders will be paired with kindergarten students as planting buddies for the year and will share books related to indoor gardening.  The second-grade students will plant grass seed and bulbs.  They will follow its growth cycle, keep a written journal of the progress, and keep a photographic record of the activities which will be on display in the classrooms.  The second graders will then guide the kindergartners through the same processes. 

The first guest speaker will visit the school to observe the children’s efforts, make recommendations, discuss the idea of seasonal planting, and answer questions.

January will begin the “Planting Festival” where school and community dignitaries will be invited to plant seeds with the children. Data will be collected and transferred onto bar graphs and experience charts. In late winter, the children will construct terrariums. Another guest speaker will observe this activity and offer guidance.

In late spring, the children will host “What’s Blooming Day?” All classroom indoor gardens will be moved to a multi-purpose room and set up in stations where the children’s portfolio work as well as all the plants they have grown will be displayed.  Some plants will be donated to the local library, senior citizen center, municipal building, and the board of education office.

For further information, contact :

Patricia McSweeney

(201) 460-9249