Bats ‘N Bugs

The Bats ‘N Bugs project was developed by Winfield School (Union County) teachers Patricia Pfeifer and Colette Bapst for kindergarten and first grade students, using a $2,600 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education. The project will consist of three units. The first unit will introduce students to bats, the second will be a study of worms, and the third will include insects. Each unit is intended to help children understand the importance of these creatures to the earth’s ecosystem.

Students and parents are invited on an introductory walking trip to the nearby forested area to view bats, worms, and insects in their natural habitat. Once a month, the children will revisit the area to build upon knowledge gained during the study.

During the first unit, children will learn the mechanics of how bats use echolocation to find things in the dark, as well as their importance to the environment. Followed by a study of a worm composting system where they will learn how food scraps turn into soil and then incorporate that soil into an outside butterfly garden. Students will then learn the important role that bees and other insects play in nature as a food source, pollinator, helper to humans, or a producer of food. A culminating event after each unit of study will be held with parents called the “Parent & Child Bats ‘N Bugs Afternoon” which will consist of an art project and a dessert made by a child that will complement the unit.

Informational articles and suggestions for home activities will be provided in a monthly newsletter to parents.

For further information, contact:

Patricia Pfeifer
(973) 812-1298