Science Happenings

Fifth-grade teachers Eileen Drago, Lori Cintron, and Helene Searle from Euclid School (Bergen County) created Science Happenings, a project being funded through a $9,000 grant from NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Students will create a magazine named Science Happenings . the magazine will incorporate several subjects areas, including science, math, language arts, and technology, and serve as a portfolio for the students’ work. It will include illustrations, digital photographs, graphs, charts, web quests, website reviews, and essays on experiments, biomes, the water cycle, and weather. The magazine will be distributed to the district schools, PTA, and town library.

Upon completion of the activities for Science Happenings magazine, student committees will act as publishers. Students, teachers, PTA volunteers, and other community helpers will print, publish, and distribute the finished product. Students will distribute copies of the magazine at the Annual School Science Exchange.

The team has plans to continue the magazine in future years and at different grade levels through use of templates, sample lessons, and activities that are accessible through the shared computer networking system in the school. Through building budgeted allocations, coupled with PTA support, the magazine project can be sustained for years to come.

For further information, contact:

Eileen Drago
(201) 918-6684