Unlocking the Literacy Doors of America’s Future

Thanks to an $8,200 grant from NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education, New Egypt Primary School (Ocean County) teacher Julie Carolyn Schad will implement Unlocking the Literacy Doors of America’s Future. The project will help parents of English Language Learners (ELLs) build confidence as they acquire more English-speaking skills. The Adult Literacy classes will be held once a week for two hours. Parents will be engaged in beginning level conversational English class where the primary focus will be on “everyday” English. In addition to the ELL classes, there will be a take-home parent-student reading program with tote bags outfitted with a book, cassette tape player with headphones, a cassette tape with a story to read, and a notebook. Parents read to their child by listening to the tapes and following along with the story. Families can discuss the stories and record their thoughts in the journal provided in the tote bag. Discussion of the stories will encourage dialogue and improve parents’ English verbal skills.

National Honor Society students will provide babysitting services and tutoring which helps fulfill the community service requirements for their society’s membership. Community members would be invited to offer tutoring services as well. Community socials are planned throughout the school year to highlight a different cultural heritage, facilitating the blending of cultures.

An advisory council consisting of an ESL professional, one of the school principals, an English speaking parent, and a parent involved in the project’s literacy program will help guide the project. The council will meet monthly to discuss upcoming events, shortcomings of the program, and strategies for improvement. Surveys completed by the participants will help gauge the overall impact of the program.

For further information, contact:

Julie Carolyn Schad
(570) 575-8602