Increasing Literacy/Decreasing Bullying: A Parent Student Book Club Part II

Increasing Literacy/Decreasing Bullying: A Parent Student Book Club Part II was awarded a continuation grant in the amount of $5,045 from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education. Teachers Lisa McGilloway and Paul Rogers of Mansion Avenue School in Audubon (Camden County), along with school principal Theodore W. Clarke Jr., continue working on this successful book club project. Parents and students learn strategies to discourage bullying, name calling, and harassment. During the initial project, the school won the grand prize of the National No Name Calling Week’s Creative Expressions Contest based on the success of this program.

Parents are informed about the book club at an open house and recruited for the book club starting in November. Once the book club is formed, The Misfits, a novel written by James Howe about bullying, is sent home to parents with their reading assignments. The book club meets each week in January to discuss the assignments, take surveys, and develop anti-bullying strategies.

The elementary schools were reconfigured which allow parents from both buildings to meet and interact, involving a much larger group of students and parents.

Students complete a survey to reflect on their experiences with bullying, name calling, and harassment that occurred between February and June. Data is collected on discipline referrals through the rest of the school year. The discipline referrals and student feedback is analyzed to evaluate the success of the project.

For further information, contact:
Lisa McGilloway
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