Let’s Create 21st Century Teachers for 21st Century Students

Teachers Rhonda Dalton, Laura Steinberg, Donna Jacobson, and MarySue Fisco of the Colonia High School, Avenel Middle School, and Ford Avenue Elementary School, all within Middlesex County, will implement Let’s Create 21st Century Teachers for 21st Century Students with a $9,500 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education. This project provides professional development seminars for teachers modeled on “brain friendly” instruction. The seminars help teachers adapt instruction to improve the learning of underachieving students, thereby closing the achievement gap. Teachers share their successes and failures within their learning communities. The professional development committee meets with the district’s elementary, middle, and high school task forces, along with district supervisors, to plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate this project. The project is evaluated using participant surveys and student portfolio data. The project is repeated and expanded in following year.

In the third year, parents are offered seminars on “brain friendly” instruction, multi-sensory/interactive learning, interactive technology for education, and help children implement these skills at home.

To help initiate this project, the local association and school district purchased the facilitator kit and books that encompass the program. Both are committed to updating and acquiring new materials to expand this innovative professional development initiative as funds permit.

For further information, contact:
Rhonda Dalton
Colonia High School
(732) 499-4375