Rolling Research Library

Educators Maggie Culley, Marilyn Cody, Kathleen Caton, Dawn Warner, and Beverly Andresen of the Milford Public School in Hunterdon County, along with Susan Flynn of the PTO, have won a $10,000 grant from the NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education. The funds were used to create a Rolling Research Library – portable libraries containing updated research and reference book in rolling carts for use by the entire school population of pre-K-8 students. Each cart has a theme, including a social studies cart for the primary grades as well as intermediate and middle school students. The science cart contains books for both primary and secondary students. Two sets of encyclopedias are purchased; one for primary students and one for intermediate and middle school students. The fourth cart contains parenting books and resources.

Teachers and students collaborate to select, catalog, and maintain the library, to create a more positive school environment. A student council committee acts as the librarians in charge of maintenance of the carts.

Using materials from the research carts about local history, students research and write papers about how the local community was initially founded and settled, and how it historically and currently interacts with the greater state, nation and world. Younger students create grade appropriate writing and art projects to complement work done by the older students.

The project culminates with a presentation by the students. The entire school and borough community is invited, and local historians and community elders serve as guest speakers. Families are encouraged to work with students to develop their projects, so that personal background history and experiences are included. Student projects are loaned to the local library for display before being returned to the school and students.

For further information, contact:
Maggie Culley
(908) 735-0629