Alternative Fuels for Transportation

Teacher Danita Guarino of the Linwood Middle School in North Brunswick Township, Middlesex County, implemented the project using a $3,750 grant from the Hipp Foundation. Eighth graders, particularly girls and minorities from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, benefit from dynamic learning environments to motivate students to engage in science, engineering, technology, and math. Students investigate alternative power sources for cars of the future. Working in teams, students design model cars powered by solar cells, hydrogen fuel cells, and electric motors. They learn about basic principles of motion affected by gravity, friction, weight, speed, force, torque, and gears. Students create prototypes, as well as test and compare them.

Students learn to problem solve as they address design challenges presented by solar, electric, and hydrogen powered motors. Their hands-on work allows them to develop an understanding of the variables, constraints, materials, and phenomena that affect design and performance along with fragile environmental issues affecting air pollution and energy conservation.

Designing model cars is a unique way for students to apply learned concepts and scientific principles.

For further information, contact:

Danita Guarino
School - (732) 289-3601