Parents and Children: Dreaming Together, Achieving Together... After School Program

This project was awarded a $5,860 grant from the Hipp Foundation that is designated as a Verizon Family Literacy Partnership Grant, which supports family literacy programs in which public school educators partner with libraries or other community organizations.

Educators Janine Diaz-Perez, Bridget McEwan, Justine Beltre, Iliana DiStasio, and Magda Sanchez-Gonzalez work with third-grade Limited English Proficient (LEP) students who score below proficiency level on Language Arts assessments. In order to participate in this after school program, permission slips, including a parent partnership agreement, are sent home with the selected students. A parent or guardian of the selected students is required to participate in the program.

The project consists of several sessions in which parents and students engage in writing about their dreams, perhaps their “American Dream,” and how the students, family, and school working together contribute to the realization of those dreams.

Teachers receive professional development and training on the implementation of the writing process through a partnership between the school and local college. The teachers introduce the writing process to the participating parents.

A field trip to the local public library encourages parents and students to use local resources and to improve research skills.

Parents and students publish a collection of pieces in a bound book and share these writings by visiting classrooms and reading the stories to other students.

For further information, contact:

Janine Diaz-Perez
School - (973) 470-5510