Weather Wizards Part 2 - Exploring Weather Around the Globe

The Hipp Foundation awarded teachers Susan Ort and Mary Lynn Leidl of the Old Farmers Road School, along with Denise Scairpon and Amy Swetits of the Benedict A. Cucinella School, in Washington Township, Morris County, a $10,000 continuation grant for their project. Along with a $4,200 Adapter Grant from A.W.S. Convergence Technologies, and $1,750 in local funds, the continuation project will be enhanced so that students can observe weather as it is happening around the globe.

In the original project, preschool, first-, and fourth-grade students used two weather stations to monitor and gather data, record changes, and analyze the affect on their lives. By contrasting data gathered at both stations, children learned how easily weather can fluctuate within a short radius. Children continue these activities, but both of the existing weather stations have been outfitted with high definition cameras to enable the children to observe weather as it happens.

Through observing time lapse images from around the world, students have an actual picture of a hurricane or tornado. This helps students expand their knowledge of affects of weather beyond their own community.

Weather is used as a springboard across the curriculum to enrich math, science, social studies, and language arts. Students use problem-solving and interaction skills throughout the program. Older students continue to create and share their own weather instruments, comparing their results with those gathered using professional devices.

The project continues to develop cooperative learning with Rutgers University by having undergraduate and graduate students share their expertise and knowledge.

The program culminates with “Weather Wizards Day,” where students make a presentation to parents, faculty, and invited guests of the year’s activities.

For further information, contact:

Susan Ort
School - (908) 876-3865