iREAD (I Read Electronically and Diligently)

The NJEA Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education awarded a $3,600 grant to teacher Jennette L. Williams of the Watchung Elementary School in Montclair, Essex County to implement her project.

Assessments determine each student’s unique learning style. Next, student, parent, and teacher exploratory examination of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences or Smarts are held to determine each child’s “Smarts.”

Using the computer, children create a personal learning statement to post in a prominent location at home. Children practice handling, care, and use of iPod and iPad instructional tools. A community resource has provided funding for two iPods, and can be contacted for future funding.

An extension of the program for academic skill enhancement is offered after school with the help of the PTA, as well as district-supported Professional Development Mega Skills Workshops for parents and teachers. The project is also presented through NJEA venues.

Written communications through e-mail blasts, bulletins, and student newsletters, produced in the after-school program enrich the entire student body.

Assessments take place in June to evaluate the project and make recommendations for next year. The goal is for the project to become an integral part of the science and technology school.

For further information, contact:

Jennette L. Williams
School - (973) 509-4259