A Community of Readers

A Community of ReadersManchester Township High School educators Jennifer Ansbach and Carol Moroz will introduce students and staff to the book Divergent by Veronica Roth in their project, A Community of Readers. Ansbach and Moroz developed the project using a $5,111 grant from the NJEA Hipp Foundation.

Before summer break, students will create book trailers, posters, and flyers to increase interest in the book and upcoming year-long events. Staff and students will read the book over the summer.

In the fall, the book will be the basis for a panel discussion with invited scholars discussing “selfless service” as a philosophical ideal in governing and how governments can make sure the interests of all factions of society are included and needs met. Faculty, administration, staff, and students will be divided into the “factions” represented in the book to facilitate discussions and activities. Each faction will create activities to help new members of the school community feel welcome and part of the school.

To celebrate the work done all year, a pep rally will be held in the spring where students will be allowed to choose a faction and complete the initiation activity developed by the faction.

The year will culminate with a visit by the author to discuss the book and the trilogy it begins.

For Further Information, contact:

Jennifer Ansbach
School Phone: 732-657-2121