Copy Cat Kids

Copy Cat KidsWashington Township School District (Morris County) teachers Denise Scairpon, Sharon DiPaolo, and Amanda Scairpon from the Benedict A. Cucinella and Walter J. Kossmann Elementary schools were awarded a $3,200 grant from the NJEA Hipp Foundation.

Preschool and K-5 students who have been identified as students on the Autism Spectrum with social skills deficits will participate in the Copy Cat Kids project. Video self-monitoring will be used as a tool for students with social disabilities. Students can watch themselves doing activities successfully through a visual model and receive strong visual feedback and evidence that they can achieve their goals.

The team will use carefully edited video of self-imaging behavior so that students can view themselves performing a behavior. iPads will be used to develop clips teaching student-specific skills (standing in line, asking for help, asking someone to play, etc.) and then edit the video to show only positive examples of behavior that the team identified as problematic.

The movie will be shown to the student on an iPad in the specific situation and location where the video was taken.  Children on the Autism Spectrum process everything in pictures so video learning is appealing.

A celebration of achievement will be held in June with parents. Other students may begin to copy cat the positive behaviors the students have learned through video self-modeling.

For Further Information, contact:

Denise Scairpon
School Phone: 908-850-3161, ext. 6205