How Sweet it is, Come Fly With Me

Comes Fly With Me, How Sweet it isLincoln School teacher Gayle Dubofsky from the Hasbrouck Heights School District was awarded an NJEA Hipp Foundation continuation grant of $5,545. This original project was so successful that it is being expanded to double the size of the habitat and will specifically attract hummingbirds along with the other species that visit.

Students will assist in planting nectar-producing flowers necessary to attract hummingbirds, and butterfly bushes will be added to the habitat.

A research project based on student observations will be produced and the findings will be posted on a class blog using iPads.

All parents and the community will be invited to the evening Birding Museum. Each student will become a museum docent of the Birding Museum, where the students will display their creations, journals, and photographs. A question and answer session will allow students to share their newly acquired knowledge with the adult visitors.

Professional development opportunities will be made available at an in-service day for all district teachers of grades K-3. The third-grade teaching team will guide teachers on how to set up bird sanctuaries as well as make connections for the students to academic areas.

The project’s blog will be updated with press releases on a regular basis to describe current activities. Funding will continue to be sought from several sources, including the board of education.

For Further Information, contact:

Gayle Dubofsky
School Phone: 201-288-2365