Middle School Students with Exceptionalities Discovering Citizenship through Personal Inquiry and Experience

Warren Hills Regional School District educators Jessica Rader, Daniel Diveny, and Daniel Cullen were awarded a continuation grant of $9,623 from the NJEA Hipp Foundation to expand the project throughout the school year.

Daily activities over the summer include field trips to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the Women’s Rights Museum in New York, and Underground Railroad. Based on information gathered from these visits, students will create a Breaking Barriers quilt for display.

During the school year, students will learn the rights and responsibilities of citizenship through visits from the local police department, fire department, and superintendent of schools.

After studying the actions of American citizens who took a stand against laws and mandates that were considered “unconstitutional,” students will create a proposal for legislation for their community and present it to a local meeting of a governing body. Students will be invited to attend the meeting in which the legislation is being proposed and voted on.

In the fall, students will also participate in a local community service clean-up project on and around the school grounds.

In the final weeks of the school year, students will be given a blank portfolio that they will fill with data and artifacts the students collected over the school year, which will include their definition of what it means to be a responsible citizen.

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Jessica Rader
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