Project Independence

Project IndependenceLenape Valley Regional High School Special Education Teacher Joan Glusiec was awarded a $5,000 grant from the NJEA Hipp Foundation to implement Project Independence with a class of students with multiple disabilities including Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy.

The special needs classroom will be outfitted with kitchen appliances, a washer & dryer, a sink, and cabinetry. The curriculum will continue to include advancing students academically, but will also prepare them for life after school. The goal is to provide each student with skills to allow them to function as independently as possible in adult life.

Students will take turns planning and preparing breakfast and lunch for a guest or group of guests. Those students who are not preparing a meal will be assigned other chores. Students will also bake dog biscuits for the local animal shelter. Through this activity, students will learn to read a recipe, assemble and measure ingredients, mix and roll dough, cut biscuits with cookie cutters, and bake and package the biscuits. Students will also bake goods and sell them at concession stands during high school sporting events.

Students involved in the work experience program will wash their own job uniforms, kitchen towels used in the classroom, and other laundry as needed by other departments in the school (e.g., sports teams).

A journal of kitchen activities will be maintained by staff and students throughout the school year.

For Further Information, contact:

Joan Glusiec
School Phone: 973-347-7600, ext. 121