River Watershed Project

River Watershed ProjectWallkill Valley Regional High School science teachers Catherine Astor, Lauren Ayers, James Marion, and Laurie Terranova were awarded a $9,762 grant from the NJEA Hipp Foundation to implement the River Watershed Project.

The high school is located on watershed land with a river running through school property. An area of the river is in need of cleanup and the school Ecology Club has been asked by the local watershed authorities to maintain this portion of the river. Teachers, students and volunteers from the community will participate in the river cleanup.

This will create an opportunity for students to conduct monthly testing of the water from the river that runs through school property. Students will collect data for organized analysis and reporting. The tests will allow students to access the health of the river and prepare monthly reports and presentations to the local watershed authorities.

Using their data collections, students will prepare monthly bulletin board/art showcase presentations to display as a means of educating and increasing awareness for the entire student body.

The importance of watershed land and the importance of watershed land to various endangered species will be measureable through press releases to local media and the school student newspaper.

For Further Information, contact:

Catherine Astor
School Phone: 973-827-4100