Swimming Upstream

Swimming UpstreamColeen Weiss-Magasic of the West Milford Township High School and Justin Runne of Maple Road Elementary School in West Milford School District were awarded a $7,359 grant from the NJEA Hipp Foundation for Swimming Upstream, a watershed project.

High school and fifth-grade classes will partner to test and evaluate the target stream. Data will be uploaded using tablet PCs. Fish will be captured for high school students to conduct testing as part of their unit on molecular biology. The fifth grade students will come to the high school to participate in the dissection study. Students at both levels will write their findings for posting on a project blog.

Fifth-grade students will take a field trip to a trout hatchery and prepare a tank in the classroom in anticipation of delivery of trout eggs. Students will then collect data that will be recorded in student lab notebooks and posted to the blog as the eggs hatch and develop. After assessing the water quality of the stream later in the year, students will judge if the health of ecosystem is acceptable to release the trout from the classroom tank.

The year will end with a science meeting where students will create posters for presentation. Faculty, parents, and community members, including the local environmental council, will be invited to the meeting to discuss the student findings. All data collected and papers written will be archived for use as background research and a starting point for classes the following year.

For Further Information, contact:

Coleen Weiss-Magasic
School Phone: 973-697-1701