The Magic of Rhymes and Tales II – It’s All in the Hands

The Magic of Rhymes and Tales, It's all in the HandsThe NJEA Hipp Foundation awarded a $3,700 continuation grant to teachers Susan Ort, Denise Scairpon, and Amanda Scairpon, from Old Farmers Road School and Benedict A. Cucinella Elementary School in Washington Township School District (Morris County) to continue funding The Magic of Rhymes and Tales II project for an additional year. The teachers will incorporate marionettes and digital storytelling as new elements to develop language skills. It will bring the excitement and imagination of fairy tales and nursery rhymes into a cooperative learning experience for children with disabilities and first graders.

School-aged students work with preschoolers to create puppets, read digital stories, and manipulate puppets and marionettes. Language development and social development will take place through student interaction.

Students will perform puppet shows for their classmates. This activity will allow children to learn to use intonation to express emotions, and increase expressive language in a non-threatening context. One cannot overestimate the power of puppets to bring a child out of their shell and interact with others. The imagination and creativity of the students will be enhanced by the use of not only professionally made puppets, but puppets they created themselves.

As a culminating activity, families will be invited to a performance where students will share digital stories and live performances.

For Further Information, contact:

Susan Ort
School Phone: 908-876-3865, ext. 4125