Biomimicry Interpretive Trail

Thanks to a $9,825 grant from the Hipp Foundation, Wendy Green, along with a team of biomimicry consultants, will lead students from the Marine Academy of Science and Technology in Keyport (Monmouth County) through the study of biomimicry. The freshmen will study nature’s forms, processes, and systems to model or use as inspiration to solve human-related design problems. Students need to learn how to solve problems as nature does, without pollution or waste.

To begin the project, student teams will contact officials of parks in New Jersey to inquire whether students can install Biomimicry Interpretive Trail Signs. Each team will then design, develop, and solicit bids from vendors to produce the signs.

Biomimicry signs will enhance educational opportunities for those who use the park trail system for recreational purposes, programs, and field trips. The signs will showcase the unique plants and animals that trail users are likely to see and explain how scientists and engineers are drawing inspiration from these species for technological innovation.

Student teams will research organisms local to the park and select those that have influenced innovation of modern day human design in order to develop a sign. Nature has been designing and developing how to protect the environment for 3.8 billion years, and nature knows best.

Once a vendor has been selected, the signs will be developed and produced. Each team will change roles and role play as public relations personnel and purchasers. Public relations personnel will contact park officials and create press releases and articles for local newspapers, plan a dedication ceremony, and invite dignitaries to the event.

The project can be repeated year after year, selecting new park trails and relative organisms or designing additional signs for the existing Biomimicry Interpretive Trails. Each year students will engage in this activity to help the community while gaining important insight to the future of environmental sciences, design, and engineering.

For further information, contact:

Wendy Green
School Phone: 732-291-0995