C:REBOOT Construction: Robotics Engineering that Builds Original Opportunities Through Technology

Howell Memorial Middle School students in sixth through eighth grade will participate in the C:REBOOT project that was created by science teacher Josh Langenberger. The school system has limited funding and minimal opportunities to address engineering standards incorporated within STEM based learning. But thanks to a $10,000 grant from the Hipp Foundation, Langenberger will be able to lead his students through the entire process of robot construction to competition. This project has also been designated as the Leonard Koch Grant for Mathematics.

Students will assemble into Robotic Teams, analyzing strengths of individuals to allow for a dynamic and productive group. Teams will create exploratory prototype robots for demonstration and understanding of the appropriate use of materials.

Students will then progress to building a functional robotic prototype vehicle designed for a competitive task. Each step of this process is an achievement and students cannot progress until completing the previous step.

During the competition, students will display their vehicles and share their knowledge with peers. The winning design team will have the opportunity to build and compete at a National Competition held in Maryland.

For further information contact:

Josh Langenberger
School Phone: 732-919-1085, ext. 2206