Seeing Is Believing

Washington Township school teachers Denise Scairpon, Amanda Scairpon, Catherine Inskeep, and Susan Ort from Morris County were awarded a Hipp Foundation grant in the amount of $4,150 for their continuation project. The project has been expanded to reach students across the district who have difficulty with social skills.

More capable students are encouraged to identify the behaviors they want to work on. Then they will be taught how to capture video footage and edit unwanted behaviors from the clips.

Students can watch themselves doing activities successfully through a visual model and receive strong visual feedback and evidence that they can achieve their goals because “Seeing is Believing.”

The older students will learn how to capture video and then edit the targeted self-imaging behavior so that they can view themselves performing a behavior at a slightly advanced level. iPads will be used to capture behaviors students would like to change and develop clips teaching student-specific skills (standing in line, asking for help, asking someone to play, etc.) and then edit the video to show only positive examples of behavior that were identified as problematic.

Students will practice role playing and storyboarding before actual filming begins. After editing the video so that there is a movie showing the successful completion of a task, the student will practice the skill again. The movie will be shown to the student on an iPad in the specific situation and location where the video was taken. Students groups will meet to discuss the behaviors worked on and videos will be shared with the entire group. Group gatherings will create a learning environment that transforms the individual learning experience and allows all of the students to realize their own unique talents and capabilities. Confidence grows when students view themselves performing skills successfully in their movies.

The portability of the iPads allow students to deliver the instruction in the specific situation (playground, hallway, cafeteria) where it needs to be delivered and generalization of skills can occur naturally. Students move beyond the school environment to generalize social skills out in the community such as dining at a restaurant, visiting a supermarket, and going to a zoo.

A celebration of achievement will be held in June with parents.

For further information contact:

Denise Scairpon
School Phone: 908-850-3161, ext. 6205