More resources about mold assessment

NJEA resources

  • Look for this detailed booklet, Organizing for Better Indoor Air Quality: an NJEA Guide for Local Association Action on the Health and Safety publications page.
  • Walkthrough inspection checklists on mold, IAQ and construction and renovation can be found in the NJEA Health and Safety Manual on the Health and Safety publications page. Look for “NJEA School Health and Safety Checklists” in the table of contents.
  • Find NJEA Reporter articles by viewing "this index" on the Health and Safety page. Click on headings for articles on Art Hazards, Chemicals, Cold, Cleaning, Construction and Renovation, Exhaust Fumes, Health and Safety Committees, Heat, Mold, Pest control, Roofing, and Temperature.

Tool for mold assessment

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has drafted a useful sheet designed for recording mold and dampness in each room. It is currently being piloted in various states. The current version can be requested from Michelle R. Martin of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at