For technical assistance

Have your UniServ representative call Thomas Hardy and fill out a WEC Consultation Form to request technical assistance from a New Jersey Work Environment Council (NJWEC) industrial hygienist.

For records of past inspections

  • AHERA records are available in the school or district. For other asbestos inspections, including investigation of fiber release episodes, contact New Jersey Department of Health, Indoor Environments Program, 609-826-4950, or
  • The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on radon, lead in drinking water, ozone and other air pollutants, and mercury. Call 609-777-3373.
  • For information about fire codes in your school, consult the local fire official. You can find them on the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA) web page. If there is no local official, call the NJDCA Fire Marshal’s office at 609-633-6106.

For more information

NJEA Resources:

  • NJEA Health and Safety Manual. In the Table of Contents you can find sections on forming a health and safety committee, documenting problems, and conducting surveys (pages 210-221) for mold, moisture, indoor air quality and chemicals, and other topics.
  • NJEA Reporter health and safety articles. Click on "this index" and select topics, including health and safety committees, indoor air quality, asbestos, asthma, bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, cleaning, construction and renovation, mold, pest control, Right to Know, and other topics.
  • Click on Publications and select pamphlets and fact sheets on asbestos, indoor air quality and other topics.