Stress Factors

What job characteristics cause the most stress?

Adapted from the CWA pamphlet referenced under “For more information,” below are some stressors that can apply to work in schools:

Job control and low reward stressors include:

  • Decisions over your work made by others.
  • Lack of recognition for work done.
  • Job insecurity and fear of layoffs.
  • Loss of benefits.
  • Inadequate pay and lack of promotion opportunities.
  • Change of job duties to lower skilled work.
  • Excessive monitoring by administrators.
  • Racism, sexism, or age discrimination.
  • Isolation from fellow employees, lack of support.

Job demand and working conditions stressors include:

  • Overwork, including excessive paperwork and filling in for laid off employees.
  • Poor physical conditions, including poor ventilation, heating and lighting; inoperable windows; outdated and incompatible computers, water leaks, overcrowded classrooms, etc.
  • Violence and lack of training in violence prevention
  • Work in windowless or other areas inappropriate for work done in them, such as shower and closets used as work areas
  • Physical dangers, such as poor lighting in parking areas
  • Conflicting job demands